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True Primal's mission?

True Primal® was created to offer a Paleo/Whole30 friendly alternative to all other canned soups. Many common canned soups are primarily made up of wheat, corn, rice, or other grains. Many soup brands are also thickened with added starch extracts, sweetened with added sugar, or filled with unusual chemicals or hydrogenated oils. Those ingredients might cheaply fill a can, but they are taking up space that could be used for the nutrition available in meat and vegetables. We think that there is a better way.

Primal? Ancestral? Paleo? Caveman? Whole30?

"Primal" means "first" or "fundamental." It's become a popular description for eating the sorts of foods that humans were originally designed to eat.

drawing of a primal man running with a huge fork

There are other similar terms, such as "paleo diet" or "caveman" dieting. These refer to a more specific time period (ie, the paleolithic era), and can sometimes get caught up in counter-productive arguments over exactly what each tribe of people was eating where and when. The term "primal" as it refers to foods is generally used a bit more openly to refer to all foods that are high in nutrition and are easily digested by most people. "Ancestral" is also used to describe the broad guidelines for living based on the way humans were built.

drawing of a running mastodon

Primal (or ancestral, paleo, caveman) living embraces exercise and stress-reduction along with nutrition to achieve optimal health.

The Whole30® program is a specific set of rules based on paleo foods. We are not associated with Whole30, but stick to those rules and only use whole real foods.

We aren't trying to recreate something precisely from history. Chasing down your food is one way to get exercise, but other methods are fine as well. Our logo is is a bit tongue-in-cheek, as we know we won't be serving extinct mastodon any time soon. But that's ok, there are other good foods that aren't extinct, and we hope to bring some to you!