Food for camping or outdoors adventures

lunch break soup at work

When we first set out to make True Primal products, our vision was convenient, real food to accompany you on a busy day—a breeze to eat at home, on the road, at work, at school, or anywhere else hunger might strike.

Over the years, some customers discovered another fantastic use for our products: taking them to the great outdoors!

The compact shape, low bulk, and easy portability of our soups and chili make them excellent for bringing along while backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, or any other outdoor adventure you’d like to fuel with nutrient-dense food. These pouches are lighter than cans, making them easier to travel with. They flatten when empty, which is super convenient when hiking and using a camping stove.

True Primal soup and a camping stove

For more details on our soup being field-tested while backpacking, check out these Paleo Traileo stories: Oregon Elk Hunt and North Umpqua River.

Customers have also told us they've used a thermos for transporting our soups and chili, both for outdoor purposes and while on-the-go in town.

So, whether you’re traveling to remote wilderness...

eating soup out of a thermos

...or simply to your couch...

soup delivery to couch

...our products are the perfect companion for your journey!

Have you taken True Primal products on an outdoor adventure? Tell us about it—we’d love to know!