Our History

In 2013, True Primal was born to fill a void.

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At the time, we couldn't find conveniently prepared and packaged meals that were made to the same standards we would cook for ourselves following a paleo diet. We needed nutrient-dense, compliant options for times when we didn't want to—or couldn't—spend much time in the kitchen.

And it turned out, what we wanted just wasn't available.

So we set out to solve the problem ourselves. We decided to create a gluten-free, paleo-friendly line of hearty soups packed with premium ingredients and home-cooked flavor. It felt like a win to be able to easily follow the paleo lifestyle and take our soups on the go—whether to the office, on a camping trip, or just over to the couch.

And we didn't stop there! In 2020, we hit our next milestone: the launch of Beef Chili, a paleo-friendly version of this tasty classic. Thus began our journey into the world beyond soups.

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In 2022, we merged with another company, Ona, to further expand our range of ancestrally aligned offerings—this time in the form of cookies. As with our soups and chili, we carefully selected each ingredient to meet our standards of both quality and taste.

2022 was a big year for another reason, too. After years of providing soups that were already Whole30-compliant, we officially became Whole30 Approved®—making it even easier for those in the program to eat with convenience.

As we look towards the future, we're excited to continue bringing new, delicious real-food products to your life. We're delighted to have you along on the journey!