True Primal's Whole30 Approved soups and chili

Since day one, True Primal has followed the Whole30 Program guidelines for all of our soups and chili. And now, we’ve taken our commitment to supporting your wellness journey one step further: we’re happy to announce we’ve been selected by Whole30 to become Whole30 Approved®!

What's Whole30?

The Whole30 Program serves as a “reset button” for the health of your body and mind—helping free you from the cravings and habits that sneak in from modern life, while restoring your relationship with delicious, nutrient-dense whole foods.

At True Primal, we believe real food is a cornerstone of wellness. And Whole30 is a great way to kick-start your journey there—whether you’re just getting started, or are looking to renew your commitment to healthy eating.

Whole30 Approved

Whole30 Approved?

On the back of each True Primal soup and chili pouch, you’ll see our LIST OF “NO”, which we've relied on for years to craft the healthiest products possible. This list aligns closely with Whole30's eliminations: we avoid inflammatory foods, suspicious extracts, sweeteners, common gut irritants and allergens, and the smorgasbord of artificial ingredients that plague most items on the store shelf.

Instead, we focus on truly natural ingredients: the highest quality pastured and grass-fed meats, bone broths, and organic veggies—selected for both their quality and their flavor. And now, our Whole30 Approved products have been independently verified by the Whole30 team, giving you peace of mind that the soups and chili you love are also keeping you on track with the Whole30 Program.

So pour yourself a bowl, and enjoy your Whole30 journey... and beyond. The good stuff just got even better!

True Primal Chicken & Vegetable Soup in pouch, frontChicken & Vegetable Soup
53.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Southwest-Style Chicken Soup in pouch, frontSouthwest-Style Chicken Soup
53.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Beef Chili in pouch, frontBeef Chili
69.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Roasted Chicken Soup in pouch, frontRoasted Chicken Soup
53.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Tuscan-Style Chicken Soup in pouch, frontTuscan-Style Chicken Soup
53.99 (8 pack)
Roasted Chicken Soup, Chicken & Vegetable Soup, Southwest-Style Chicken Soup, Tuscan-Style Chicken SoupSouper Chicken Variety
57.99 (8 pack)
Roasted Chicken Soup, Tuscan-Style Chicken SoupRoasted/Tuscan Chicken Variety
55.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Beef and Mushroom Organic Soup in pouch, frontBeef & Mushroom Organic Soup
53.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Beef and Vegetable Organic Soup in pouch, frontBeef & Vegetable Organic Soup
51.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Savory Wedding Organic Soup in pouch, frontSavory Wedding Organic Soup
51.99 (8 pack)
True Primal Beef & Potato Soup in pouch, frontBeef & Potato Soup
51.99 (8 pack)
Beef and Vegetable Organic Soup, Beef and Mushroom Organic Soup, Savory Wedding Organic Soup, Beef & Potato SoupSouper Beef Variety
55.99 (8 pack)

What are people saying about us?

Rachel Lucas sitting on a couch

"I am always on the hunt for convenient, healthy foods. When I first stumbled across True Primal soups, I thought it was too good to be true! Packed with protein, a healthy amount of fat and carbs and so many flavor options to choose from. Once I tried the soups, they exceeded my expectations. These soups are flavorful and delicious. And now Whole30 Approved, these soups are a staple in my home and my office."

, Owner of Fueling Strong, NASM / FMS personal trainer, PN, NTA and Whole30 Certified® nutrition coach

Melissa Urban, smiling.

"True Primal is soup and chili reinvented. Full of real-food ingredients, tons of veggies, and a surprising amount of protein, True Primal has leveled up the watery soups and bland chilis of my mom's era and created a line of hearty, delicious, convenient meals. I love how quick and easy they are, and True Primal's commitment to animal welfare exceeds even our ASPCA-developed standards."

, Whole30 co-founder and CEO