True Primal Beef & Mushroom Organic Soup

True Primal Organic Beef and Mushroom Soup in pouch, front
True Primal Organic Beef and Mushroom Soup in pouch, front
True Primal Organic Beef and Mushroom Soup in pouch, back of label. UPC: 862965000132.
organic beef and mushroom pouches in 10-pack box
soup being warmed in microwave, once in a bowl, and once directly in the pouch
people eating yummy soup
True Primal Organic Beef and Mushroom Soup in pouch, front Beef & Mushroom Organic Soup (10 pack) 61.99 (10 pack) FREE Shipping

True Primal Beef & Mushroom Organic Soup is just the good stuff. It's full of meaty vegetably goodness, without the artificial junk found in most soups. Finally, there's a hearty ready-to-eat soup you can keep on hand for any time, that's great through and through!

Taste the difference of a soup made with only REAL FOOD ingredients.

Say YES to our big list of NO:
No gluten or wheat (gluten free!)
No nightshades (AIP friendly!)
No corn syrup
No added sugar
No preservatives
No grains/corn/oats/rice (grain free!)
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No MSG added
No yeast or yeast extract
No soy or soybean oil
No canola oil
No starch extracts
No hydrolyzed vegetable protein
No maltodextrin
No pulses (dry beans)
No cellulose gum/gel/powder
No milk
Yes real food!

Chicken Bone Broth*, Onions*, Mushrooms*, Chopped Beef* (Beef*, Water, Salt), Carrots*, Cauliflower*, Beef Gelatin, Onion Powder*, Sea Salt, Garlic*, Celery*, Thyme*, Dill Weed*, Parsley*. *= Organic

soup being warmed on stovetop, in a pan
Stovetop: ready in minutes.

Tear open the pouch and pour the soup into a stovetop pan. Warms up in a few minutes.

This has the advantage of filling your kitchen with the delicious aroma of soup, as the anticipation builds. (This could also be a few minutes of torture if you're impatient.)

soup being warmed in microwave, once in a bowl, and once directly in the pouch
Microwave: ready in about 1 minute.

This is the faster option. It's warmed up and ready in about 1 minute, depending on the microwave.

You can microwave directly in the pouch or pour it in a bowl first.

If you tear off the top, the pouch itself can even be used as a bowl - perfect for an office breakroom.

gluten free, grain free, USDA organic
Grain free. Gluten free. USDA Organic.

True Primal soup goes beyond merely gluten free, to be entirely grain free. Our soup never contains any grains, and is certified gluten free by independent lab testing.

Then we go further by avoiding other irritants like preservatives and soy. We have 0 added sugars – it’s just not necessary – soup is delicious without it! We don’t add MSG, and also don’t add yeast or yeast extracts (which have some similar properties to added MSG and may be an issue for some people). And of course no artificial flavors or colors, because the only ingredients are REAL FOOD!

It is certified USDA Organic.

31 grams protein per pouch
31 grams protein per pouch.

True Primal Organic Grass-Fed Beef & Mushroom Soup contains 31 grams of protein per pouch. We're putting as much real food as we can into each pouch, so it’s loaded with beef and veggies! By putting more real food into each pouch, you get more nutrients and also more flavor – you can taste the difference between real food and artificial junk.

We also add extra beef gelatin to the broth, both for the nutritional value and to enhance the feel of the soup. Gelatin contains collagen, which is one of the materials that make up cartilage and bone. Gelatin is also a rich source of the amino acid glycine, important to many metabolic and healing pathways in the human body.

100% grass-fed beef
100% grass-fed beef.

Our beef is sourced from Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle, raised on natural meadows in Uruguay. It is 100% free-range, 100% grass-fed, with no feedlots ever. Cattle are raised in open range pastures without GM material, and the beef never undergoes non-organic processing.

The cattle are not administered hormones or antibiotics.

True Primal soup warming in a camping stove

The pouches themselves are lighter than cans, so they're easier to pack and travel with. Also, the pouches flatten down when empty, making them convenient for camping.

Most of the time, people report eating our soup in regular civilization, like at home or work. But it's nice to know you can take our soup into the wilderness on a moment's notice as well.

Want more details on our soup being field-tested while camping? Check out the Paleo Traileo article: "Oregon Elk Hunt & True Primal 100% GRASS-FED! Soup Review".

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