Our Mission and Purpose

From its conception, our company has been driven by one overarching mission: to reverse the burden of modern disease by providing premium, convenient real food, in alignment with humanity’s design.

Currently, the vast majority of death and illness in the developed world results from a mismatch between the environment humanity is suited for, and the environment we inhabit. This mismatch is painfully clear when it comes to diet. Industrial processing methods, inflammatory ingredients, high omega-6 vegetable oils, refined sugars and starches, artificial additives, and common allergens all dominate our food system—a far cry from the whole, nutrient-dense plant and animal foods that supported human health for eons.

In fact, science shows the modern diet is a major contributor to our global pandemic of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cancer, autoimmune disease, food intolerances, neurodegenerative disorders, and other conditions collectively known as "diseases of civilization". [1] [2]

A System Out of Alignment

Although a movement back to real food seems simple in theory, a number of hurdles exist in practice. Aggressive food industry marketing, conflicting nutrition advice from experts, and a “pill mentality” culture that profits from treatment over prevention can leave people feeling confused about what to believe—and what to eat.

What’s more, processed food-like products tend to be more convenient, affordable, and readily available than real foods. For many people, this adds practical difficulties to eating an ancestrally-aligned diet.

convenient heat and eat

Where We Come In

Our goal is to help remove the barriers that stand in the way of wellness—something we consider not just a privilege, but a birthright. Every day, we work towards this goal by:

Graphic drawing of foundation in the form of carved stones, like a cairn or monument. Foundation: Consciousness. On top of that: Alignment. On top of that: Vitality. On top of that: Service.


We view service as foundational for the health of humanity, and consider it both a moral duty and an honor to devote our efforts to bettering the world. As a company, we’re committed to keeping service at the helm of our actions, decisions, and vision.

We raise consciousness around nutrition and lifestyle choices, to promote alignment with humanity's design. A better-aligned lifestyle improves vitality, empowering individuals to be of greater service.

Food Freedom

A core component of our mission is “Food Freedom”—a concept focused on restoring a sense of sovereignty and empowerment to the way we relate to food.

For this reason, our products are designed with freedom in mind. We steer clear of ingredients that manipulate your hunger signals and trick you into eating more than you truly want. We avoid artificial flavors or sweeteners that cause a mismatch between what your body thinks it’s getting, and what it actually receives. We use simple, natural ingredients that satisfy your cravings rather than inciting more of them.

At the same time, we don’t believe shame has a place at the table. Rather than assigning moral judgments to our food choices, attaching our sense of worth to our diet, or beating ourselves up when we “fall off the wagon,” we view food as a vehicle towards vitality. We respect that every person’s journey is unique to them, and what may be the most health-aligned decision for one person might be different for another. Food never needs to be the enemy.

We also reject “diet culture” and its fixation on weight, which is often to the detriment of physical and mental well-being.

Above all, we believe the journey towards wellness should be a pleasure unto itself. No matter where you started or where you’re going, we’re committed to helping you find the joy and ease in living healthfully.

Our Vision of the Future

Although bringing humanity back into a state of alignment is an ambitious goal, we believe it’s one within reach. All change starts with the individual—bite by bite, choice by choice, day by day.

By reducing the global chronic disease burden, health care resources can be redirected towards conditions that aren't solved with lifestyle, technological advancements can flourish in new ways, and economic and societal health can grow. As an interconnected web of humanity, every individual step towards wellness is ultimately in service to the whole.

We’re excited to do our part in transforming the world into its healthiest, most liberated potential. And we’re even more excited to have you join us.


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