Ona Maple Pecan Cinnamon Raisin and Brownie Style Cookies with ingredients

Delicious real-food cookies, made with ingredients straight from nature.

Ona Maple Pecan Cookies in pouch, frontMaple Pecan Cookies
39.99 (4 pack)
Ona Cinnamon Raisin Cookies in pouch, frontCinnamon Raisin Cookies
39.99 (4 pack)
Ona Brownie-Style Cookies in pouch, frontBrownie-Style Cookies
39.99 (4 pack)
Ona Cookies Top Variety Pack in pouch, frontCookies Top Variety
39.99 (4 pack)
holding a plate Ona cookies next to bowls of honey and berries

Meet Ona.

Delicious real-food cookies, made with ingredients straight from nature.

In our quest to do real food right, we’ve chosen only pure, natural ingredients that your body knows and trusts.

No refined sugar.
No artificial sweeteners.
No processed additives.
No grains, gluten, or dairy.

Just straight-from-nature flavors, in the form of a cookie.
grabbing Ona cookies from a plate

Sweetened with pure honey or maple syrup.

No artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, or sugar alcohols, ever. Click here to learn more.

The result is a cookie of the highest caliber. Sweetened with pure honey or maple syrup. Spiced with exotic Ceylon cinnamon—the rare “true” cinnamon favored by chefs. Sprinkled with bursts of real sea salt. All in a soft-baked base of coconut and almond.
We believe that as humans, our food choices directly reflect the level of conscious awareness we bring to the rest of our lives. By choosing to nourish our bodies with only the good stuff, we’re making a statement with every bite: health matters. Enjoying life matters. Stopping to smell the roses—or in this case, taste the cookies—matters.
Ona Brownie Style Cookies in pouch and on a plate with ice cream and pudding

Uniting wellness with decadence.

Cookies that leave you savoring instead of craving.

Above all, Ona cookies are here to stop you in your tracks, ignite your senses, and pull you back to the here-and-now—where life is truly delicious. So slow down and savor what’s in front of you, one tasty morsel at a time. The sweet spot is right where you’re standing.
Grain free. Gluten free.
paleo friendly
soft baked chewy
heart only the good stuff
Available in three delicious flavors:

Arguably the softest, chewiest, and honey-est of the bunch, Ona Cinnamon Raisin Cookies are the perfect treat to hit that real-food sweet spot. 39.99 (4 pack)

Calling all chocolate lovers: your dream cookie is here! Ona Brownie Style Cookies are dense, fudgy, and decadent, with rich cocoa infusing every bite. 39.99 (4 pack)

Ona Maple Pecan Cookies are a slightly crumbly, subtly sweet treasure: delicate maple and buttery pecans, highlighted by bursts of sea salt. 39.99 (4 pack)

Ona Maple Pecan Cinnamon Raisin and Brownie Style Cookies with ingredients
In 2022, Ona merged with True Primal—maker of the highest quality soups and chili. With a shared vision of a healthier and more delicious world, we’ve revamped Ona cookies and raised the bar even higher for quality and taste.
Ona. Rhymes with Arizona; means “grace.” Simple, elegant treats, reminding us of the gift of the present moment.
True Primal Roasted Chicken soup pouch and bowl

Ona: Part of the True Primal family.

United by unwavering commitment to quality, ancestral alignment, and the sheer joy of delicious food. Click here to shop the full True Primal store.